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What makes you different from all the others?

There are many reasons that distinguish us from other providers. We can provide a brief summary in the following bullet points.

  1. We do not copy. Instead we write our own syllabus based on what other companies do not provide. Example: we integrate learning English as a second language as well as Human to computer Interaction skills without students feeling that it was a lesson secondary objective for the teacher. Students are subconsciously exposed to philosophical dichotomies and general life skills.
  2. Based on the hourly cost, we are cheaper than the average cost in the market.
  3. Our system is a complete holistic continuum where you have a clear vision and perspective about what your student will need to take next.
  4. Our system is not just an education system but a home for hobbyists that welcomes them to a wider community of robotieres, technologists and much more.
  5. The content is infused with our own created animation, characters each one of these characters have a background stories will enrich our kids imagination. 
  6. The way we teach is very unique and active.    

How to get a discount?

Our prices are set to be cheaper than the average market price for similar duration activities. Such as out of school karate lessons, gym memberships, private tuition. You may confirm that by calculating the cost per hour. Discounts are given for group bookings of more than 10 students. Discounts can also be provided based on more than 10 purchases. Some organisations have pre-agreements with us to provide specific discounts to their staff and employees. Exceptions can be made for orphans, children of martyrs, widows, and impoverished families. Please contact us if you fall into any of those categories.


Can we change the initial group?  

YES, but it depends. We try our best to allow a few empty seats in various groups. This helps us cater for those who want to change groups. But once groups are at full capacity it will be harder to shift students into these specific groups. We can also allow some students who missed a session to attend the same session with another group in the case of emergency absence.  


Are you strict about the students' age?

No, but there are limits and conditions. The main requirement is the student capability and skills for the course prerequisites. The second requirement is to be with the same age bracket. Some exceptions could be made for those who are one year younger or older than the recommended bracket. 


Are you strict about the hardware and software requirements?

YES. If you want us to guarantee that your student gets the best experience, then we strongly recommend meeting the minimum hardware and software requirements. Please note that if you do not have the exact requirements, you may contact us to get related support. If your system is acceptable but needs work from our technicians to fix it, there might be a charged fee for that service.


Are you strict about the English language level requirement?

No, but the need for the English language is crucial for students to interact with various technical sources. These many sources are available globally only in the English language. Our syllabuses also cater for Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). This means that at every stage, there is a gradual need for a level of English that increases depending on the corresponding stage. Therefore we hold the right to accept or make exceptions for non-complying students to our English requirements.