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About us

Welcome to 101Geekology, the home of innovation, inspiration and cool stuff

We understood that dealing with the logic of automated machinery will be the language of the era.

Our mission is to nurture the epistemology of technology in our society’s younger generations. We aim to better equip them with the skills that they will need in order to face the robotization of jobs. While we focus on various elements of science, management, philosophy, and technology, our courses revolve around robotics and technology as it belongs to the realm of applied science. Robotics enhances the students’ ability to devise solutions, which is only achievable following the full comprehension of multidisciplinary knowledge and the acquisition of higher levels of intellectual problem-solving skills. Whether it be math, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, social science or philosophy; robotics goes beyond STEAM. 


We have carefully selected the starting age to be 8 years old, walking the students through supbjects the vary from connecting LEDs to coin-battery in the more basic modules and strive to more advanced topics 23 modules later at the age of 18, as they acquire the ability to build and launch a cube-sat into space.  

Our target - by dividing the 23 modules into eight stages - is for the students to be at a university level with phenomenal key skills by 2030. Here at 101 Geekology, we work exceptionally hard to create bespoke syllabuses, content material, product kits, competitions, 1 on 1 support sessions and much more. Our promise is for our consistent students to be fully prepared for a fast approaching future where the fourth/fifth industrial revolution will drastically change our way of life.