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503 Competition & hackathon prep

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    Very organized company, they made sure that my kid was prepared for the lesson before it started and the technical team downloaded the needed applications without any effort from me!. Professional team, PR employee called me and she was very nice and professional. There was a huge collaboration between the technical team and the PR team and they were accurate in their appointments.

    Helpful technical team and they are not only good in technicality but also the IT employee was very nice and cooperative.

    My child was having fun during the lesson. He didn't even feel that he spent two hours in front of his pc. They provide on-going support. During the lesson, my kid’s connection got disconnected and the technical support called me directly and fixed the problem so my kid wouldn't miss the lesson!

    My daughter was very excited about the next lesson. She keeps asking me: Mom, when will I continue building games?

    They have a strong syllabus. Even my IT graduate friend was surprised by the way they teach children huge amounts of information in a fun and simple way.

    The syllabus is fun, easy, and enjoyable. My nephew kept programming and playing and laughing during the lesson.

    This is the first time I see my daughter focusing and not opening Youtube.


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