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101 Gameology FAQ

There are four teachers in this course, two of them are Saudi Engineering graduates from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). They are bilingual and would be very capable to give the lesson predominantly in English. However, if there is a need for your child to have some Arabic to be able to better understand somecontnet, these would be your best option. You may therefore select any of the following groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. There are two more teachers whose lessons will be delivered using only the English language. Both have vast amounts of years of experience in STEAM and much more further advanced subjects teaching. If your child's first language is English or is bilingual, then these groups would be better suited. They are I, J , K, L, M, N, O and P.

The programming language we use is called “Python Language ''. The logo for Python Language consists of a blue and yellow snake and can be found in the following link: (click here) Based on these colours and our own character “Znake” the logo of our course 101 Gamology is made out of that snake and our character Znake imitates the shape of the beloved Python Language logo.

Firstly, Python is not like Scratch. It is a proper coding language used in factories, universities, space research centres, automation and much bigger and real stuff in the world around us. Python is not a new language as it has existed since 1991. In fact, it is built upon another language called “C”, So it is also much slower than many other languages. It is also true that some programming languages can do some things better than others and sometimes better than Python. But here, we are not looking to force our students to be computer scientists and engineers. We aim to make sure they are exposed to various things that make the backbone of technology to avoid them ever lagging behind the vast change in technology. So we are looking for a language that is

  1. Simple,
  2. Can allow them to build real things that can truly be their inventions using their creativity (not just a toy to learn with),
  3. You can make things very fast in a very short amount of time.

So, it is very important to know that Python language is the best and fastest language for creativity, prototyping and education. To be fair to the language, this section is not enough to explain why it is the best but if we are to choose the most important reasons, it is because it has the most amount of libraries and frameworks that allow creative people to translate their ideas to market level products in the simplest and fastest ways possible. The language is more readable than most other languages, it can do complex things without the need for complicated code, being beautiful is one of the main aims behind creating it, in less than an hour you can make any of the above-listed topics, and most importantly it is cross-platform and can support multithreading. Some of the famous things made by python are YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Dropbox and Quora. What more do you want from a language purely made for creativity? It is worth noting that Python language can be the first stepping stone for young learners all the way to adulthood in university and industry. They can use it to expand into Data science, white-hat hacking, Robotics, Web development, financial trading, medical robotics, Artificial intelligence, modelling and control theory, simulation, game creation… and the list can go on and on forever. Along with Computational thinking, it is a very important first step for your child against future technology illiteracy. It is as important as Maths, physics, geography and literature.

When your child doesn't eat their vegetables and asks for sweets, you may bargain with them to first finish their healthy food before any treats. Here, we use games to make them enthusiastic and grab their attention in order to teach things usually far beyond their age compared to other institutes.

Yes, 101 Gameology is an online live taught course, and our classes are delivered through an online platform, so your kids are welcome to join from any place around the world.